What it’s about:

A break-in goes horribly wrong in one of Stellenbosch’s leafy suburbs. The victim is the attractive wife of millionaire developer Malan du Toit. Her mangled body is found by her two teenage children.

Captain Albertus Markus Beeslaar has just arrived for a short holiday in this picturesque town with its historic white gables, its world-famous wineries and big money. Very much against his will he gets drawn into the police investigation. The formidable Captain Vuyokazi Quebeka of the Stellenbosch SAPS leads the investigation during which the underbelly of this beautiful Boland town gets turned inside out.

Fifteen hundred kilometres to the north, Sergeant Johannes Ghaap finds himself in a completely different world. He is stationed in Soweto, the sprawling township on the western edges of Johannesburg. It is a dangerous place for outsiders like Ghaap, who is thrown into the deep end when a heavily pregnant woman and a toddler are hijacked and abducted into this dark city with its millions of shanties and shacks.

He has to find the abducted woman and in the process confront The Fatha – a man capable of such evil that most people consider him an  urban legend …


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What it’s about:

Farm killings – a sinister feature of post apartheid South Africa’s desperate battle against violent crime.

When a young woman and her child are found in pools of blood on a farm in the remotest parts of the arid Northern Cape, a big-city cop must find her killers. Inspector Albertus Beeslaar’s hopes of a quiet life is suddenly cut short by this brutal act that ripples through an already fearful farming community, resurfacing strong emotions, political hatred, racism, greed … and eventually more death and brutality.

Was this an ‘ordinary’ farm murder?

In order to find out he has to go back to the brutal history of the land, into the hotbed of local politics as well as our racial conflict going back centuries. While he tries to find his way the violence escalates and the bodies pile up.

He has to deal with a neo-Nazi vigilante group, a sophisticated stock theft syndicate, land claims, age old tribal ritual, modern day superstition and the insistence of the murdered woman’s sister that this was no ‘ordinary’ farm killing.

But he also has his own issues to overcome – a serious charge of racism, opening up a seedy past dating back to his Johannesburg days, post-traumatic stress syndrome and a personal tragedy so horrifying, it will trip him up in crucial moments.


Published by PenguinRandomhouse www.penguinbooks.co.za
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‘A slow-burner that gets hotter and hotter as the pages turn. Crime fiction doesn’t get any better’
Mike Nicol



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