I started writing books late in life – first I had to hunt and gather some life experience as well as stories. But I don’t regret this. After a long and interesting career as a journalist covering mostly politics in a turbulent South Africa, I could afford the luxury of turning into longer stories, writing about the things about life that interest me.

Been reading murder mysteries and thrillers since I can remember, so it was natural for me to turn to this genre when I started writing books.
One of the things that will never cease to amaze me about the reality we live in, is the human capacity for violence – and especially in men.

My ideas for books come from all over – from family arguments that are interrupted by violent events in every day South African life, to the beauty and magic of the natural world where we live.
Weeping Waters came from a fascination with a particularly nasty South African crime phenomenon, murder on a farm. The isolation on a big farm and the brutality of such murders became one of the central features in Weeping Waters.

Another aspect of the story is the historical background to a cultural minority , the Griqua people, who live in the outstretched and parched areas of the North Western Cape province. This is a forgotten group with an amazing history and a distinctive, ticklish and most poetic language.

North Western Cape Landscape